JWI Science Fair Winners !
Friday, December 09, 2011

Congratulations to the Winners of this year's Science fair--we had a lot of great projects and are proud of all students who turned in a project.

Campus Place Student Teacher (JWI) Title Category
1st Jasmin Malczewski Baird Wind Power Physical
2nd Jacqueline Sheeley Brown Sugar Crystallization Physical
3rd Dalvin Williams Davis Made in the Shade Physical
1st Makena Barmettler Holman Duckweed vs Acidic Life
2nd Maraaj Choudhurg Holman The Wonder of Wiping Life
3rd Taelor Black Baird How Plants Grow in Sunlight, Artificial, and Dark Light Life
1st Timothy Sandlin Baird Soil Type and Water Retention Earth
2nd Kayla Prox Brown Sprouting Seedz Earth
3rd Pierre White May Which Plants Grows Faster




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