Sow What!
Monday, April 16, 2012

Here at Joe Wilson one of our clubs is getting kids active in taking better care of their environment.  Sow what is a club sponsored by Coach T that helps kids understand basic concepts about science, as well as responsibility. Students stay after school and are involved in the planting and harvesting of their vegetables.  Right now, they are planting and preparing the soil.  What's more important and the kids are enjoying themselves, it is not a "chore" but rather something they are genuinely interested in.  The students do the work, Coach T facilitates and supervises.  Students from various grades and backgrounds are involved in this project.  Not only does it build character, students are also learning important science concepts as well.  Students learn about composting and the importance of using organic materials to grow food.  They also learn about different soil types and what properties in soil allow for optimal plant growth.



The Sow what club has big plans! Eventually Coach T would like to have a butterfly culture as well provide foods to the cooking club and the farmer's market!  Many of her plans coincide with the plans our district will be putting in place to prepare students for the emerging global economy. 

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